ILIFE V5 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

- SILVER 138682401

Automatically Robot Aspirador Touch Screen Self-charge Ultimate Filter Sensor Remote Controllor Household
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Great helper!!!
My wife is always mopping and sweeping. Almost to a point of obsession for cleanliness. Now that she's 6 months into your pregnancy, it's difficult for her to get on her knees. So I got this little guy for her. At first she was doubtful. But after I've read all the instructions, and got everything setup, she's impressed. Right out of the box, without charging, it was able to do a 30 minutes demo of what it can do. We've tested out our entire flood, even where the adjacent room is slightly off level. Between our rooms, one room is 1 inch higher, other room is 2 inches in level different. The ILIFE v5 was able to past between rooms and did everything it claims to do.

At the end of the 30 minutes run, opened up the lid, took out the dust collection container, there were ALL kinds of stuff in it. Dust, crackers, beads, and hair. Lots of hair.

Yes, we're VERY happy with this little guy. And already, the wife had recommended this product to a couple of her friends.
The front brush did got tangled up on an area rug that has very loose and long fiber. The robot then tried and gave up, then put itself into sleep mode. Actually, I think this is a Pro and not a Con. it's able to protect itself instead of keep spinning the brush endlessly and kill the motor.

After I've untangled it, woke it up by pressing the clean button, and it continue working as normal.

Jul 01,2016

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  • Arturo
    Fantastic device at this pricepoint
    - It works well on carpet
    - Fully automatic, you press a button and it goes on a cleaning routine until it gets low on battery
    - Automatically returns to its base when the charge its low
    - It has an included mop attachment, there is no water tank but it can mop reasonably well it you wet the cloth. It can actually vacuum and mop in the same run.
    - Detects possible large drops, so it does't fall off the stairs.
    - It can be programmed to activate once a day.
    - They include replacement filters and brushes, so It should last years
    - Manages to find its way back to base in a medium house 80% of the time
    - It's slim enough that it fits under my bed and furniture
    - The dust bin has just enough capacity for a daily run or two max.
    - Battery autonomy is great, two hours of continuous operation
    - Sometimes it tends to get stuck if it encounters an obstacle it can half climb, like the borders of some furniture.
    - It's a bit noisy, you can hear it working from a room away.
    - The bottom tends to get quite dirty after it completes a cleaning cycle.
    - It normally detects objects before bumping into them but with certain things like the legs of chairs it doesn't see them and so bumps into them and moves them around a little.
    - It can only be programmed once per day, but the battery charges fast enough that two or three times a day shouldn't be a problem.

    Apr 26,2018

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  • yuliya
    ILIFE V5
    Дошел за 20 дней до Чебоксар. Доставка курьером. Трек отслеживался. Комплектация в порядке. Но общего восторга не разделяю. На уборку квартиры 68 квадратов не хватает, хотя работает 2 с лишним часа, мусора не так много (очень удивлена отзывами про уборку 100 квадратов), может дело в ковре или квартира распашонка слишком сложна для него (такое ощущение что он запрограммирован на уборку простого прямоугольного помещения), многое пропускает в режиме обычной уборки, другие режимы не впечатлили (ползанье вдоль плинтуса, уборка небольшого кружка по спирали, ручное управление зачем там вообще непонятно) Базу находит не всегда, просто рандомно тыкается в стены и может отрубится, так и не доехав, на другом конце квартиры. Для ежедневного подметания поидет. Влажная уборка НИ О ЧЕМ! надо ходит за ним по пятам и не менять тряпку без конца)))? может пригодится только протереть пол, например, в ванной комнате. Таймер работает - уже хорошо.
    Плохо находит базу. Пропускает много мусора. Долго заряжается. Работает только 2 часа. Шумит.

    Jun 30,2017

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  • Andrey Romanovich Go
    Chuwi Ilife V5
    Hello dear buyers!!! I want to share my joy with you in acquiring the miracle robot vacuum cleaner!!! I am very happy that we were there:)))!!! And so to the pros : No. 1: This little helper will climb up there where you not to climb if you do not move furniture! No. 2: it can be used to clean the dust on the lid of the Cabinet and from there he will not fall because he has special sensors - it's cool!!! No. 3: Can be involved in cleaning the baby and this will be his best lesson! No. 4: Working robot vacuum cleaner long enough and quietly without disturbing others! No. 5: At the front of a lot of sensors allowing it to avoid obstacles!!! A lot of pluses is a great helper for you!!!
    Unfortunately minus is also present but so far only one find: it is the inability to brush in time if the robot is on the basis of charging( i.e., after charging it is necessary to remove the robot and then it clears the timer)!!!

    Jan 02,2016

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    1. Small size
    2. Really slim (only 7cm high)
    3. Long battery running time (tested from fully charged battery to returned home base time last about 1-1/2H)
    4. Silent (you can use it even in late nights and still no disturbing for neighbors)
    5. Remote controlled too, send it where you want and make a deeper clean on really bad dirty areas (use spot clean option for this)
    6. Moping functions is really useful for hard surfaces. Even if this version doesn't have a water tank to wet mopping a surface you can wet the surface before starting the device and let him finish the job for you.
    If it will last as expected from my point of view I have nothing to complain about it.

    Dec 25,2017

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  • Bobo
    Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
    - Preis, ein vergleichbares Gerät im regulären Handel von iRobot o.ä. wäre deutlich teurer gewesen.
    - Kann sowohl wischen als auch saugen.
    - Fernbedienung, mit welcher man gegebenenfalls auch manuell steuern kann (Spaß für die ganze Familie).
    - Kommt gut auch über vergleichsweise hohe Kanten.
    - Findet seine Station selbstständig wieder.
    - Auf Hartboden sehr gutes Saugergebnis.
    - Hält für meinen Geschmack lange durch bevor er zur Ladestation muss.

    Trotz der unten aufgeführten Nachteile für mich ein super Produkt und ich bereue den Kauf bisher keine Sekunde. Ob man so was wirklich braucht ist natürlich eine andere Frage, gibt aber schon Freunde die jetzt auch Interesse an so einem Staubsaugroboter haben ^^
    - Der Behälter in welches das Wischwasser kommt ist gleichzeitig der Staubbehälter. Macht vom Platzverbrauch Sinn, ist dann aber für die abwechselnde Handhabung eher schlecht.
    - Hin und wieder schiebt er seine eigene Ladestation durch die Gegend.
    - Bleibt hin und wieder stecken, sofern der Gegenstand unter welchem er durchfahren möchte nur knapp kleiner als der Roboter ist oder wenn die Schwelle über welche er fahren möchte knapp größer ist als das was er bewältigen kann -> Wohnung muss Robotergerecht gemacht werden.
    - Saugergebnis auf Teppichen eher mittelmäßig.
    - Keine Lichtschranken o.ä. zum absperren von Zimmern vorhanden. Finde ich persönlich aber auch unnötig, Tür auf oder zu hat den selben Effekt.
    - Chaotisches Saugmuster, also nicht gemäß eines ausgefeilten Plans (klappt aber trotzdem sehr gut).

    May 28,2018

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  • Pedro
    Boa compra!!
    Rápida a entrega, bem empacotado. Barato.
    "...a nova empregada cá de casa..." é o que a minha esposa diz, adoramos!!
    Fácil de usar e apanha bem os pêlos dos animais,barato, bom desempenho, não faz muito barulho,a duração da bateria é razoável (2hrs/ 2,5hrs), apanha bastante bem o lixo, desenrasca-se bem debaixo das camas e cadeiras, sobe bem os tapetes, retorna desde a primeira utilização à base quando está a ficar sem bateria, parece que vai ficar pelo caminho mas sempre consegue lá chegar ;).
    Faz o prometido e é uma grande ajuda para a minha esposa durante a gravidez..
    o reservatório onde se acumula o pó e pêlos é pequeno, a capacidade não é muita, a navegação não é coerente( às vezes aspira os cantos, outras em zigue-zague, outras a direito).

    Aug 18,2017

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  • Przemek
    I've been very skeptical about Intelligent vacuum cleaners but I'm a technology geek and wanted to try it by myself. Now I can't imagine my life without this cleaner!
    I have a dog, and after usage of standard vacuum I launched for a test ILife robot. He was working for ~30 minutes and the rubbish container was almost full of fur!
    At first run robot stuck in cables but after few attempts he learned to not go in that corner - magic :) I haven't spot any disadvantages of this product. Highly recommended! I'll buy for sure next one but with turbo brush :)
    No at all

    Sep 12,2017

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  • Renata
    прекрасный пылесос. у меня уже есть эта модель полгода. этот заказала для мамы. качество сборки отличное, все резиновые прокладки на месте, внутри ничего не болтается и надежно закручено. тряпки, щетки, фильтры продаются в интернете. гофрированный фильтр можно мыть, но он все равно изнашивается, уже заказала себе парочку про запас, хотя в комплекте есть еще два. а вот щетки как новые. все что пишут в описании товара и его фото полностью соответствуют. собирает много мусора и пыли, очень довольна. отдельное спасибо сайту за отличную цену. мой пылесос стоил на $ 45 больше чем этот.
    не любит провода и тапки, может застрять колесами или повредить себе щетку. приходится распутывать, поэтому включаю когда я нахожусь дома, чтобы его контролировать. это не сильно мешает, пока занимаюсь другими делами, приглядываю за ним. тряпочку нужно мочить несколько раз за уборку, она сохнет и конечно пачкается, так что мытье полов не заменит, но качество подметания значительно улучшает.

    Jul 10,2016

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  • Maciej
    Good quality for the price I recomned!
    Polecam sprzęt. Kupiony na wyprzedaży z kuponem w black friday. Za taką cenę (313zł) rewelacja. Kupiony z magazynu EU - czas dostawy ok 10 dni od zamówienia kurier DPDUK. Odkurzacz dobrze sobie radzi, nie wiedziałem, że będzie taki dokładny. Niskie progi lub dywany nie stanowią problemu. Dobrze zbiera psie włosy, jest o wiele lepszy od mojego poprzedniego odkurzacza. Polecam każdemu zwłaszcza właścicielom czworonogów.
    non for now

    Dec 09,2017

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