ILIFE V7 Super Mute Sweeping Robot Home Vacuum Cleaner Dust Cleaning with 2500mAh Li-ion Battery


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high-end/low-budget vac
Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
Bought it via EU Warehouse with much lower shipping cost than china warehouse.
Buy & Reviews and infos on the little vac are very rare so i gave it a chance for 180€ and i wasnt disappointed.
the overal build quality is very good. the neighbours irobot 866 is not better in that point! and there is 180€ vs 600€!!
by the way: the brushes and brushmounts looks like the ones from the irobot866. so maybe they will also fit for chuwi. i'll try that if its necessary.
the remote and app for both android and ios are all in chinese and there is no! english manual with it. i'm in contact with China top goods support for that problem and some translation.
but dispite of that the use of the vac is no problem. to start the auto-mode simply push the "clean" button on the vac, remote or app. the robot will then start to clean and returns once its empty. but be careful with stuff laying on the ground like bathmat or socks. he loves them! ;)
the battery lasts in auto-mode for around 2-3 hours
i realy recommend the ilife v7 and its worth the money!
shot some pics with my ascend p6...
-no english manual!
-poor app (irobot roomba app is MUCH! better)
-shippingcost from china too high

Oct 27,2015

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  • Carlos
    Great robot
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    I have two cats and the vaccum cleaner is realy used in the house. So it is a chalenge for this robot. But in fact it does the job. Having in mind the price it is really competent. It cleans the cats sand and furr. First tries to find the walls and clean near them. Then it choses some semi-random pattern around the remaining flor before going to clean again near the walls.
    The batery capacity is sufficient for 40/50 min and I think it is good having in mind the type of work it does.
    Does a decent work in carpet and it is competent climbing to it.
    It solves very well the problems it find. If it got stucked it stops. If if sucks a wire or something that jams
    the brush it makes some tries back and foward to break free and if not it turns of. So don't have to worry that it can make and damage something.
    In dark situations sometimes it doesn't find the obstacle and hit it, but the shock sensors stops it realy fast and so it does not damage the furniture.
    I could't add the robot to the app, so, I'm not able to use the app.

    May 29,2018

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  • BAPTISTE Jerome
    Fini la corvée d'aspirateur
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    Cet aspirateur que l'on pourrait plus de brosse roulante est une vraie découverte et une vraie satisfaction. En 2 semaines, je suis complètement convaincue de son utilité dans la maison.
    Il aspire des poussières complètement invisibles et nettoie correctement toutes les pièces où on le laisse aller.
    Il a une autonomie étonnante, et se bloque rarement. Bien entendu, il faut éviter de laisser traîner des fils et autres pièges à robot.
    L'entretien est simple, penser à vider le bac à poussière.
    Nous le programmons quasi tous les jours à 14h. Et lorsqu'on reviens toutes les pièces sont propres (surtout la cuisine).
    Bref une belle acquisition (j"ai acheté des pièces de rechanges)

    J'ai réalisé un petit article ici =>
    Le bac à poussière un peu petit

    Jun 09,2016

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  • Den
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    Убирается уже месяц, никаких нареканий!

    Плюсов полно, главное для меня:
    - убирает, я не знаю где он находит столько пыли, но находит много )
    - легко обслуживать и чистить, весь мусор в контейнере, волосы на щетке, щетка снимается одним движением, фильтры с контейнера так же снимаются легко, все легко помыть и собрать обратно, весь процесс занимает 5 минут.
    - не смотря на то что снимается все легко, крепления выглядят довольно надежно и опасений не вызывают )
    - Хорошая комплектация, ничего лишнего
    - Управление с телефона реально работает
    - Дизайн лучше чем у 99% конкурентов
    На мой взгляд немного нелепо иногда в слепую ищет базу, это мой первый робот, возможно они все так подтупливают.

    Mar 21,2016

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  • うえまさ
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    僕自身はルンバを持ってなくて前からほしいなと思っていたところ、ルンバを持ってる人が「ルンバより良い!」って言ってるのを 上でみて買ってみました。



    1. アプリで操作できるのは素晴らしい!けど、中国語しか対応してないので日本語にも対応して欲しい
    2. 説明書も中国語。はじめ主電源の位置がわからなくて焦りました…China top goods の動画見なかった絶対気づかなかったとおもいます
    3. アプリがあるから問題ないけど、リモコンをもう少しマシにしたほうがいいかな…。タダでもらえるおまけの携帯ゲームみたいなクオリティ

    Jul 02,2016

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  • Tirtau
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    It can work on all kinds of floor,such as wood/tile/marble/thin carpet.It is not intended to replace a conventional vacuum, but it does a remarkable job of dusting hard surface floors, sweeping crumbs from under cabinets, and sweeping the two area rugs we have (both with very short pile). I would start the robot when I get home and go about life.
    It works great on regular carpet, but if you have accent carpets it can get stuck on it OR does run a little slower and I'm guessing it uses more battery doing it.

    Feb 15,2018

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  • marcin
    najlepszy stosunek jakość/cena
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    - możliwość ustawienia godzin automatycznego sprzątania.
    - możliwość sterowania poprzez pilot lub aplikację w telefonie.
    - w przypadku błędu w aplikacji pokazuje która część odkurzacza to powoduje i pokazuje jak to usunąć.
    - łatwe czyszczenie urządzenia.

    Uwaga. jeśli uruchamianie pierwszy raz i wyskakuje wam błąd w aplikacji to sprawdźcie czy wlaczyliscie przycisk power który znajduje się pod mopem, co widać na załączonym zdjęciu.
    - w pokoju gdzie jest dużo przeszkód odkurzaczowi trochę zajmuje czasu z trafieniem samemu do bazy.
    -jeździ tylko w losowo wybranym kierunku.

    Dec 27,2017

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  • Roter
    Very good!
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    Works as advertised during the first week of ownership. Have 2 long hair dogs and it's nice to have the hairballs cleaned up everyday before getting home! Was really surprised by how much hair was picked up everyday. Fully recommend this product, and at a cost far less than the other brands, who can complain.

    Jun 08,2017

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  • iRobot
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    Item delivered in 5 calendar days with UPS. Very accurate stating info has been available.
    Courier arrived 1d before UPS estimated delivery date.

    We selected v7 after reviewing several youtube channels to select the best price/performance ration.

    The robot looks like a quality product. No sqeeky plastics. Noise level is really appealing. You really can watch TV while it's working.
    It has issues climbing onto thicker rugs. Once there it's sweeping them thoroughly. Something he can't deal with are the feet of bar stools. It has issues on a carpet with rectangular black and white pattern. The robot thinks the edge of the pattern is a cliff.

    Getting an android app wasn't easy. The QR code on the box was linked to 404-error page. I found the app on a 3rd party website.

    Nov 03,2017

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  • Boura Madi Mze
    Très efficace
    Color:Sapphire blue Size:Chinese Plug
    Prise en main très très simple. la télécommande sert aussi de manette pour faire passer l'aspirateur ou l'on veux. station d'accueil ultras légère. Ce que je prefere par dessus tout c'est le guidage avec smartphones.
    je conseil vivement ce produit.
    Je suis très très satisfait par ce que on m'a fourni en plus de l'aspirateur un adaptateur pour les prise chinoise alors qu'ils n'étaient pas du tout obligé.
    très Bon choix.
    Ce qui est dommage c'est le mode d'emploi en anglais. heureusement que j'ai des notion ça m'a beaucoup aidée.

    Dec 10,2017

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