Original Xiaomi Portable Mouse

- SILVER 202142002

Bluetooth 4.0 + 2.4G Double Mode Connectivity Mini Mice

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Original Xiaomi Mouse
Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse XMSB01MW is 'inspired' by Apple's Magic Mouse 2 design and it comes with an added functionality called 'dual-mode' that lets it support two devices simultaneously. The wireless mouse connects to various devices via Bluetooth version 4.0 and wireless adapter (radio frequency 2.4GHz), and weighs only 77.5 grams (including batteries). It is compatible with the Mi TV, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, desktops and other devices. The Mi Portable Mouse offers wireless coverage of up to 10 metres, and needs 2 AAA batteries to keep the cursor going.
One of the big highlights of the mouse is that it supports two devices simultaneously - one with Bluetooth and the other with the wireless adapter. The dual-mode allows the Mi Portable Mouse to connect to two devices, and even makes switching between the two devices an easy task. There's a dedicated button at the bottom of the device exclusive for switching purposes, and a user can shift the mouse from one screen to another just by pressing the button. Furthermore, it comes with high-speed laser positioning which is claimed to offer accuracy of up to 95 percent and 1200dpi.
The mouse wears an anodised aluminium shell, and measures 10.2x57.2x23.6mm. Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse is fully compatible with Windows 7 and above devices. Function keys, LEDs, positioning groove are all located at the bottom of the device.

Nov 27,2017

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  • Сергей
    Original Xiaomi Mouse
    Отличная двухканальная лазерная мышь. Я из тех людей, кто тоскует по стилусам первых коммуникаторов, поэтому блютус мышь для смартфона не является для меня излишеством. Мне гораздо удобнее подвести курсор мыши в место ошибки в тексте, чем несколько раз тыкать туда пальцем. Листать ленту новостей колесиком тоже намного удобнее. Кроме того, на экране смартфона во время зарядки часто срабатывают фантомные нажатия от пальца, что мешает, а с мышью этой проблемы нет. А держать две мыши на столе, одну для компьютера, а вторую для смартфона не хочется. Так что двухканальная мышь от Xiaomi очень хорошо подошла для моих целей. Мышь явно умеет засыпать (чувствуется маленькая задержка реакции на первое движение после долгого перерыва), что хорошо сказывается на потреблении. Можно использовать вместо батареек ААА аккумуляторы на 1,2в. Мышь спокойно на них работает. Форма мыши хороша, если ее брать с собой - не оттопыривает карман. Отлично работает на любых поверхностях, как и положено лазерной мыши. Связывается со всеми популярными OS. (планшеты от яблока НИКАКИХ мышей не поддерживают без джилбрейка) В смартфоне не занимает порт USB. Цена для такой качественной мыши более чем приемлемая. Рекомендую к покупке.
    Плоский корпус мыши для настольного использования непривычен. Время для полного привыкания, когда перестаешь обращать внимание на форму, одна-две недели.
    Нет кнопки смены задач в Андроиде, и Esс. Так что управлять смартом совсем к нему не прикасаясь не получится. Жаль. У логитеча такие функции есть.

    Aug 03,2017

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  • Trafalgar D.Law
    Piacevolmente sorpreso
    Acquistato in preordine e in promozione a 18.10€. ottimo come al solito il packaging Xiaomi all'interno della confezione è presente un piccolo opuscolo in cinese ovviamente ma corredato anche da immagini intuitive che illustrano tutte le funzionalità del prodotto.
    Il mouse esteticamente molto accattivante è in metallo e plastica. Nel vano batterie (ovviamente incluse)
    è alloggiato anche il ricevitore wireless che lavora a 2.4GHZ. Il mouse può essere collegato sia tramite bluetooth (comodo sia su smartphone e tablet sia su dispositivi poveri di porte come minipc SFF e Pcstick etc) sia tramite wifi lo swich tra le due modalità può essere fatto sul retro. Inoltre il led sul retro ci avvisa visivamente sulla modalità utilizzata cambiando colore da verde (wifi) a blu (bluethoot).
    L'Impugnatura è buona non sono indicati con precisione il numero di dpi ma direi che sono più che sufficienti per tutti gli utilizzi (ad esclusione del Gaming ovviamente) i due tasti hanno una corsa bassa e lo scrolling con la rotella non avviene (per intenderci) a "scatti marcati" ma in maniera morbida e continua
    Nulla da segnalare

    Dec 21,2016

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  • Alexander
    Xiaomi Bluetooth Mouse
    The Xiaomi mouse is build like a tank and is of very high quality.
    It can actually stand up to apple in its own ways.

    The design is very sleek and modern.
    The mouse is made out of two materials. The silver is aluminum and the white is plastic.

    Nonetheless this is a very good mouse for a example a laptop owner who is many times on its way.
    The bluetooth connection is strong and there is no noticable lagg. The mouse can hold its charge very long with the included baterries.

    Since this is a bluetooth mouse it wont take up any USB slot. If you dont need bluetooth or your pc does not support bluetooth the mouse can also be used with a 2.4ghz usb attachment. The best of both worlds. This mouse has it all.

    In my opinion this is a very good mouse for its price point. Xiaomi has dont it once again and priced this mouse accordingly against its competitors. I would highy suggest this mouse.
    no battery indicator and no side buttons for webbrowsing

    Feb 17,2018

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  • Rafael
    Mouse Xiaomi
    The mouse is great. Functional, beautiful and light. Connects seamlessly with tablet, smartphone and personal computer. It also comes with a dongle, for peripherals that do not have native bluetooth. In these cases you will need a usb port.
    The xiaomi mouse is well built and comes with batteries. The box is minimalistic, just like the mouse itself. The purchase is worth if you like freedom, because the cursor sensor works well on various materials.

    O mouse é ótimo.
    A função de Bluetooth dele é sensacional. Funciona muito bem com celulares, inclusive.
    Ele tem 2 funções, assim se seu gadget não tiver bluetooth você pode usar o dongle bluetooth que vem dentro do mouse. Ele vem acompanhado de pilhas e funciona bem.
    Bom tempo de resposta, seja na velocidade do cursor e dos cliques.
    O que é importante é a falta de ergonomia. Assim, apesar de bonito, o mouse não serve para uso prolongado. Várias horas com ele fará mal à sua saúde.
    The problem: it's not ergonomic. It does not work well the Mi Mouse for hours of work or play. Avoid injury or pain.

    Apr 17,2018

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  • George
    Original Xiaomi Mouse
    Purchased this mouse to work with noutom xiaomi mi 13 air. as seen on photo look together they are very organically. both devices used aluminum anodized silver. but, choice mi mouse substantiated first of all its ability to work only with 2.4 ghz but the bluetooth. for me it was important, so let "whistle" to not to bother with usb connection and most importantly takes bluetooth usb mouse port. the more have mi air only two of them. still, it can work with any smartphones and tablets also via bluetooth. impressions of the mouse is very good. many do not like that it is thin but popolzovavshis today discomfort is not noticed. the wheel is very nice. it is suitable even for people with a big hand, as long as the standard. very pleased with the speed of delivery. to Bashkortostan for 22 days. the seller and the mouse definitely recommend!

    Jun 09,2017

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  • Vsevolod
    Уникальная мышь
    - Мышь уникальна тем, что может работать сразу с двумя устройствами (в моём случае это ноутбук и планшет), переключаться кнопкой с зелёной или синей индикацией в зависимости от того, к чему коннектится.
    - Сделана качественно, исполнение и внешний вид безупречны, не хуже Apple.
    - Работает отлично без нареканий: связь не теряет, курсор не зависает и не скачет, не тормозит.
    - Очень тихая, тактильные ощущения от нажатия кнопок и вращения колеса приятные.
    - Маленькая, тонкая, лёгкая, для носки с собой и поездок - самое то.
    - Цена адекватная, купил за 750 руб. (акция + поинты).
    - В комплекте фирменные батарейки.
    - Упаковка тянет на подарочную.
    - К форме надо привыкать.
    - Нет чехла для переноски.
    - Колесо далековато от края, приходится сильно загибать палец.
    - Работает не на всех поверхностях, в отличие от моей старой Microsoft.

    Nov 30,2017

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  • Jakub
    I ordered two!
    I was looking for cheap and good bluetooth mouse for a long time. When I saw Xiaomi Mouse on sale, I bought two immediately. It's lightweight. Shape is something you get used to. It even came with batteries - something I didn't expect in package from China, definitely a pro. If you can get it for ~$20 - buy it. It's quite good for daily use with your notebook, or android phone if you use it for cardboard like I do. I got later another one on sale for ~$10 so it can get ridicolously cheap. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

    PS: The sticker on the bottom - you can safely pull it off!
    It's slim. I like this shape. I have big hands but it just suits me. However, I understand that's not for everyone - might be to small for You. Scroll wheel it's also quite small and feels kinda weird, but I think I'll get used to that after some time.

    Jul 14,2017

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  • MrLito
    Отличная беспроводная мышь
    Упаковка фирменная- очень плотный картон
    Удобная форма мыши, - универсальная подойдет всем.
    Металлизированное покрытие верхный поверхности (серебристое), кроме кнопок
    Может работать по bluetooth что крайне актуально для ноутбуков, - не занимает USB, не нужно ничего мешающего втыкать в компьютер.
    Но дополнительно есть радио-USB донгл, для подключения мыши в компьютерых не имеющих bluetooth
    В комплекте батарейки и беспроводной передатчик, он лежит внутри корпуса
    Минусов нет! Только если нафантазировать. Белый корус - испачкается, цена - высокая (для радио мыши, для bluetooth хорошая!) Серебристое металлизированное покрытие - поцарапается. Кнопка поиска bluetooth соединения объединена с индикатором подключения и то, что это кнопка с первого раза не ястно

    Jan 30,2018

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  • Eduard Koenig
    Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 computer mouse
    The 77.5 g light mouse with the measures 11,0 x 5,7 x 2,3cm is easy to carry in the backpack and should be easily in the hand. The housing of the mouse is made of aluminum and the two buttons as well as the scroll wheel made of plastic. The mouse is also equipped with the current Bluetooth 4.0 and should therefore bring little connection difficulties with it. The power button, the Bluetooth module and the sensor are located on the bottom of the mouse. For the sensor, an accuracy of 95% is specified, which can normally be assumed with Xiaomi models.
    Perhaps for some great hands much too small.

    Mar 10,2017

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