Motospeed Inflictor CK104 NKRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


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Motospeed Inflictor CK104 NKRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


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Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought

Great experience with first mechanical keyboard
Color:Silver Size:Red Switch
Firstly, delivery was quiker than a lot of stuff I ordered from my country, so that's a big benefit.
It's my first mechanical keyboard, so I wondered if it was worth to spend extra cash, instead of buying a wireless, cheaper keyboard and.... Thank God I made that decision !
The typing now is a pleasure, I never tought I would come to my work and write long e-mails and other textes with pretty comfort, it's also much more faster than it used to be.
Playing games also became a funnier experience, I can easily see the difference in keys response time.
It's a good time to mention the lighting options, which should deserve another, separate review.
The variety of options is just amazing, there are even 5 options specially designed to a few game modes like FPS or RACE. My favourite one is the option, which allows the user to choose the which keys are lighted or disabled, and to choose the colors of every single key, what's more, the keybaord saves these adjustments in it's memory and you can plug your keyboard to another device, having your favourite lighting settings.
Built quality is superb, I've been using it for a few months, every day, a lot (believe me, typing is fun with this device), and I can't notice any mark of usage on in. Aluminimu plate under the keys completes the funcionality with great design, making keyboard look cool.

Summing it up, if You want to experience the difference between mechanical keyboard and basic one, You should definitely consider buying this model. The quality/price ratio is also great, so surely reccomend this one and don't think I will certainly buy another Motospeed keyboard in the future.
non cons

Apr 22,2018

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  • Lucas Ferreira
    CK 104 WHITE
    Color:Rose Gold Size:Blue Switch
    Product - Produto:

    (Rose gold!)

    Product matches description - O produto é o mesmo que o da descrição.
    Leds are very bright and shine very well - Os leds são muito brilhantes e brilham muito bem.
    It looks like the product is very durable - Aparentemente, o produto tem uma duração ótima.
    The clicky sound and feeling... unspeakable - O som e sensação do clique... indescritível.
    The keys respond very quickly - As teclas respondem rapidamente.
    My review may look superficial, but I'm barely 30 minutes with it - Minha avaliação pode parecer superficial, mas estou meros 30 minutos com ele.

    Delivery took 30 days, and that's very fast consedering I'm Brazilian - A entrega levou 30 dias, e isso é bem rápido levando em consideração que eu vivo no Brasil.

    Para os brasileiros: meu produto não foi taxado e levou 24 dias para chegar aqui DEPOIS de ter sido recebido pelos Correios.

    Para os brasileiros: não se preocupem em relação ao formato ABNT, clicando as mesmas teclas, os acentos etc sairão como o normal.

    Buying at - their support is awesome, I've always had support when I needed.
    Comprando na - o suporte deles é incrível, sempre tive suporte quando precisava.

    Por algum motivo, tem uma parte em português no manual. LoL.

    Loving the keyboard ♥♥
    Amando o teclado ♥♥
    I wish I could've received a little cleaning brush, as some AliExpress sellers send to their costumers, but it's not a problem at all.
    Gostaria que tivesse recebido uma escovinha como aquelas que os vendedores da AliExpress mandam para os clientes, mas não é um problema considerável.

    If you live with someone else, consider not buying the blue switches version, because it may be too loud.
    Se você vive com alguém, esteja ciente em não comprar a versão com switches azuis, pois podem ser muito barulhentos.

    Apr 07,2017

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  • Motospeed CK 104
    Color:Silver Size:Blue Switch
    Пользуюсь пол года, есть что рассказать :)
    Очевидно цена, за механическую клавиатуру подобного качества ценник действительно мал.
    Далее по пункту идет качество сборки, оно невероятно хорошее за такую цену.
    Кейкапы, да, Outemu BLUE это аналог Cherry, но уверяю что если вы не эксперт в данном деле то разницы вы не увидите, пользоваться очень приятно, шикарное щелканье и действительно хороший и отчетливый звук.
    Резинки на ножках, боже спасибо производителю что услышал жалобы его покупателей, и добавил эти резинки на ножки, благодаря им клавитура уверенно держится на столе.
    Подсветка. Тут все хорошо, опять таки упираясь в цену мы получаем хорошую подсветку с возможностью подстроить её как угодно. (В разумных пределах)
    Конструкция скелетон, что явно дополняет эту клавиатуру дизайном, но это так же и является минусом клавиатуры.
    За такую цену клавиатуру лучше найти будет очень трудно, по этому смело берите этот девайс :)
    Та же самая конструкция скелетон, из-за которой некоторые клавиши люфтят, но почти всегда этого не заметно.
    Нету софта, хотелось бы иметь возможность настройки клавиатуры и клавиш более детально, но это все ограничивается лишь в самой клавиатуре клавишей FN.
    Клавиатура держится на столе только благодаря резинкам на ножках, на том же месте где ножки, резинок нету, и по этому клавиатура будет ездить на некоторых покрытиях.

    Dec 02,2017

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  • Dulje
    Best bang for the buck!!
    Color:Silver Size:Blue Switch
    + Good build quality, very solid and sturdy, heavy and has rubber on its feet. Won't move one the desk.
    + Fake Bluie MX switches but still very very good and "clicky". Lovely sound if you love loud clicks.
    + Double layers keys. Won't wear out for years.
    + RGB backlighting. Plenty of modes and basic colors.
    + Price. For a full keyboard with a numpad, and everything it offers, the price is awesome.

    After using for a few weeks, I can say I don't really feel the difference between a fully priced premium keyboard and this one. It's strong, heavy, sturdy, backplate is from alluminium and the plastic on the outside and the bottom is hard and strong too with a little texture so it won't leave fingerprints.
    If you're looking for additional features on the keyboard then this one is not for you BUT if you're looking for a simple mechanical keyboard then this is the keyboard for you! Build quality, price, RGB if you feel fancy, it doesn't get better than this!
    It's hard to find the cons on a KB like this because you really have to be picky and the "cons" are really not necessary for an operational keyboard. This is a great keyboard so the cons are just things that are missing from it compared to a premium keyboard.

    - Braded cable.
    - RGB software for precisely adjusting the colors and mods.
    - The "F" function keys are a bit too close to the regular number keys.
    - Other dedicated function keys or macros.
    - The keys font might not be for everyone.

    Take these "cons" with a grain of salt because these are just personal preferences and things that differentiate this keyboard with a premium one.

    Jan 07,2017

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  • NekoHat
    Awesome Value - Canadian Buyer
    Color:Silver Size:Red Switch
    I was looking for a mechanical keyboard for work and it's surprisingly hard to find one that has red switches AND a number pad AND a low price AND a US layout, but this is it. I was concerned I was paying too little, but I'm actually extremely impressed with the quality. It's very steady despite being lighter than most mechanical keyboards I've used and there's no flex. It's an absolute joy to type on, and I actually prefer it to my Razer BlackWidow 2013 with blue switches (though that's probably just personal preference for red switches). It looks like it'll be easier to clean and keep clean, unlike my Razer.
    The lighting is bright and the lighting modes are pretty well done, with many of the same options as brand-name setups (buddy has a Corsair keyboard 3-4x the cost) but without any software needed. I was going to leave it turned off, but I couldn't resist the more subtle modes.
    If I'm in the market for another mechanical keyboard, I would absolutely buy another one of these.
    -Not a fan of the keycap font, especially for the Home and surrounding keys
    -The Engrish translation in the manual is pretty unintelligible but it's really only needed to figure out the lighting modes. Passable
    -I really wish it came with some kind of plastic cover. When a keyboard comes with one as part of its packaging, I do actually use it to keep dust off.
    -Numlock indicator and others are way too bright
    -I really dislike volume control that requires 2 hands. This isn't a problem for work, but if I were to buy one for home, it would probably get old quick

    Aug 04,2017

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  • Guilherme
    Highest cost x benefit - Melhor custo x benefício
    Color:Silver Size:Blue Switch
    I believe that I can appreciate that it is the best mechanical keyboard cost x benefit of the market, I distrusted the quality and switchs, but it is of excellent construction, great product, can buy because they will be very satisfied! Negative point is missing a cuff support in the CK 104 version. But nothing that can not be customized (I used the wrist rest of an old keyboard). Arrival time was fast, but the delivery system of the country where I live took a long time.

    PT - BR

    Melhor teclado custo x beneficio tendo em vista um mecânico, de excelente qualidade, perfeito, não tem o que reclamar, SIM é barulhento, mas isso é característica do switch blue, particularmente acho ótimo a sensação tátil para games, digitação, ótimo, comprei sem medo, chegou no Brasil em 12 dias, correios como sempre agarrando tudo, fui pegar sexta (11).
    Should come with wrist support

    Deveria vir com apoio de punho

    Aug 13,2017

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  • Felipe Ichiy
    Color:Red Size:Blue Switch
    - Total keyboard height is lower than other mechanical keyboards (thin plastic and PCB).

    - Modified Cherry style stabilizers, strange but practical.

    - Gamer Font with Laser writes under keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    - High quality keycaps in PBT with Double-Shot printing (this is the strongest point of this keyboard, nor do 3x more expensive keyboards have this)

    - SMD type RGB LEDs, more durable than the 3MM and 5MM RGB LEDs used in many competitors.

    - Does not appear fragility in external parts.

    - It does not have the top plastic cover, it uses the support plate (made of aluminum) in place of it.

    - It has a good amount of lighting effects.

    - You control the effects and the brightness control by the OWN keyboard.

    - Welds made perfectly.

    - Good quality Outemu Blue switches made by Gaote.

    Dec 30,2016

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  • Steve
    compared to a cherry prettty good
    Color:Silver Size:Red Switch
    well I just received it but from the whole packaging and feel it feels quite high quality. The keyboard itself, he stands with rubber anti-slip-rubber, cable with plug and "hook and loop" fastener and the include key removal tool.

    Had like 4 cherry mechanical keyboards and the recent editions like the mxboard3.0 only get 7 out of 10 stars, but you can get the brown switch there which is great.

    This keyboard feels like christmas with all the lights and great feel of the keys with the little spacing between which is kind of narrow on mxboard3. And I don't feel I have to add some rubber o-rings/spacers to soften the keypressure-noise (you find them 200pieces for 2bucks "silicone o-rings keyboard damper or somethings just check the size before you buy).

    Would recommend the redswitch for programmer and gamer.
    programmable lights would be nice, don't know if thats possible with other keyboards of this price class.
    If you are used to english keyboard layout the printing is okay. Otherwise it can be confusing if you look at the ;',./ keys.
    The keys are quite high. So above the arrow keys your fingers "fall down" which is not what I'm used to. Wouldn't hurt the show effect to make them a bit lower.

    Nov 16,2017

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  • Motospeed CK104
    Best inexpensive keyboard!
    Color:Silver Size:Blue Switch
    Mechanical Switches

    This keyboard is, perhaps, the best budget solution among all mechanical keyboards. This keyboard has a "skeleton" type of construction, so it will be easier to clean from dust. Mechanical switches are nice, with a noticeable click (blue switches). Buttons (keycaps) are pleasant, with time the paint is not erased. An excellent solution is a metal insert. It, on the one hand, gives the keyboard extra weight, and it does not slip on the table. On the other hand, on this plate, unlike plastic, you can not see dirt and dust.
    The built-in RGB backlight is an excellent solution. It has 8 different illumination modes, seven backlight colors, and has a customizable mode.
    Has not!

    Feb 18,2018

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  • André Luís8
    Color:Silver Size:Blue Switch
    Teclado bom para o preco que possui, conta com varios presets de cores e de modos de luz led. Adorei o padrao das teclas flutuantes. Tem uma construcao bem sobria, é realmente resistente e parece ser bem mais caro do que realmente é.Ótimo para games, fica bem bonito sobre a mesa. Tem pés ajustaveis de altura bem resistentes também. Possui um diversos comando uteis como abrir player de musica, calculadora do windows e ate mesmo bloqueia a tecla Windows para que nao ocorra de ser apertada acidentalmente durante a jogatina. Acompanha uma ferramenta de plastico para facilitar na hora de retirar alguma tecla. A base feita de metal passa uma sensação de firmeza ótima. Facil de limpar. A minha unidade veio de fabrica com os switchs azuis, os quais fazem um barulho consideravel que na minha opiniao é legal por se tratar de um teclado mecânico
    Para quem é do Brasil, o teclado não vem no padrão ABNT2
    Não possui software para personalização mais profunda( o que ja era esperado considerando o preço do produto)
    O cabo não é revestido por nylon, embora seja um cabo de boa qualidade.

    Nov 15,2017

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