Superlux HD668B Professional Studio Standard Headphones

- BLACK 165452501

Semi-open Dynamic Headband Headphones

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668 - только радуют! 668 - only please!
Наушники сделаны качественно и их хороших материалов.
Посторонних запахов не имеют.
Насчёт звука хочется сказать отдельно:
Я только сегодня получил эти наушники и соответственно они не прогреты,
но звук меня просто поразил. Глубина и ширина сцены удивительны.
Звучание инструментов и вокала естественное, безо всякой прилизанности
и приукрашенности (я не являюсь любителем эквалайзеров и всяких "улучшалок",
но все таки иногда приходится использовать).
По своему форм-фактору, наушники являются полуоткрытыми и я ожидал от них
"совместного прослушивания с окружающими".
Но на удивление оказалось, что звук поступающий наружу, очень не значителен.
Earphones are made qualitatively and of good stuff.
Have no foreign smells.
About a sound there is a wish to tell separately:
I received these earphones only today and respectively they are not heated-up,
but the sound just struck me. Depth and width of a scene are surprising.
Sounding of tools and vocal natural, without adding of colors (I am not a fan of equalizers).
On the shape factor, earphones are semi-open and I expected from them
"joint listening with people around".
But surprisingly it turned out that the sound arriving outside, very much is not considerable.
Наушники с вентиляцией не дружат и для меня немного жестковаты амбушюры.
Earphones are not on friendly terms with cooling and for me embouchures are a little hardish.

Sep 01,2017

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  • GearSwede
    Superlux HD668B Semi-open Professional Studio Standard Headphones
    Wow, now this is bang for the buck literally! I have read alot of positive Buy & Reviews on this product, and i have to add my own, just as positive review to the choir of joy! The design of the headphones is very simple, but its not without function. The light metal structure is adjustable, you can shape it to your liking without effort. The were somewgat tight for me to begin with, so i adjusted the pads that rests on the top of the head and now its a perfect fit. I heard people complain about the earpads, that they were uncomfortable and to hard, however i disagree. I think the earpads are just fine, and i think people complaining did a bad job in adjusting the headphones as i described above. Now to the really funny part, the sound quality. I can just describe it as a very balanced, crisp sound where u can listen to all details in the song not having them obscured by bad sound quality. I find myself listening through lots of old songs, who with Superlux HD668B is resurected to a new, better version of their old selves. If i kNew products gadgets how good these are, i would pay alot more, at least 150 Euros and still felt like i made a bargain. I recomend these head phones without a doubt, especially if you are on a budget, i think you have to pay quite a bit more go get the same or better quality. Epic!
    I find myself listening to old songs to much, they sound so much better, its time consuming!

    Aug 29,2017

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  • Justin
    Out of the box impression
    Bass is tight and has good amount of weight. It is not meant for bassheads. Does not overpower Mids. Would say it's not a too aggressive nor relaxed signature.

    Vocals are slightly forward sounding. You can say they're pretty detailed and clear, with good depth. Vocals are more towards Sonic character rather than neutral.
    Partly due to perceived quality

    Couldn't really perform well at the higher frequencies (mid-upper treble)
    Mid-upper Treble is a little harsh/sharp and bright
    Guess they need some burn in

    As treble is airy, Soundstage complements
    Soundstage is wide here (well, it's open back :D)

    Sound separation
    Separation of sound is well done here
    Tried the free DSD album that came with the mojo

    No cable microphonics
    Cable is thick and solid

    I loved it the most on acoustic songs.
    Vocals were very intimate while accompanied with a classical/acoustic guitar

    Can't tell whether the B represents Bass as I don't own other open back earphones.
    But most likely I would say it is a bass boost as it pretty much satisfies me as a bass lover.
    As per mentioned above

    Jan 22,2017

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  • Craig
    Really, really, really excellent sound.
    The sound may be a bit bright for some folks but for my older ears these are perfect. If the highs are too pronounced you can always dial them back with an equalizer. Nice and full bottom end but not a thumping bass, just enough to tickle your ears from the vibrations. Mid-range is just as strong as the highs and lows so overall a very balanced sound profile. What surprised me the most is the quality of the sound. I have many pairs of headphones, some that were over $200 U.S. If I kNew products gadgets then what I know now I would just purchase these and saved myself a LOT of money. These are very light and comfortable I did replace the stock pads with some Cosmos velvet pads for the AKG K240 which fit perfectly. These also have a wider sound stage than my other open-back headphones which was surprising to me. Seriously, at this price there's no reason not to get these if you like listening music (I can't speak for rap/hiphop as I don't ever listen to it). For reproducing music, these will beat many (if not most) headphones in the $100 to $200 price range.
    It did take awhile for these to arrive here on the east coast of the U.S. but they arrived in perfect condition after about three and a half weeks. The construction is solid although overall there's lots of plastic used. I would prefer a female connector for the headphone connector input as opposed to the male plug that is used.

    Jun 13,2016

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  • Dmitry
    Looks very good. Can not say nothing about long term reliabilty - let's see, but for this price I can replace it every year. Good fitting to the head. Soft touch and the pressure can easily be adjusted bending rod springs. But be careful! It's easy to overcorrect.
    Sound was checked in comparison to AKG 240 MkII. Having the same impedance they seem to sound a bit louder than Mk II. 668 really gives high definition sound not masking instruments. The whole sound landscape is similar to 240 regarding definition. In comparison to 240 this headphones has more mid-highs and slightly different bass, so they sounds not so truly, emotionally dry and noble but it is not a disadvantage if you plan to use 668 for listening music, It's rather pleasant corrections for most types of music. Anyway, if you have an equalizer it's easy to correct as you prefer.
    Great for this price as a monitor headpfones, for overdubbing. etc. Great for everyday listening.
    None for this price, but it's not for sound engineering work, for sure. :)

    Feb 01,2018

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  • Miroslav
    Superlux HD668B Semi-open Professional Studio Standard Headphones
    Suddenly a wide scene. Smooth and pleasant sound, subjective sensations do not have enough details in the middle, but this is absolutely not critical, high detailed, but not perfect, I thought the bass will be smaller, but it is there and it's nice. It is written that they are for information, but I would say that they are more suitable for home listening, comfort in them is more than dry analyticity. Sounds much more comfortable than my old ATH ws70, and they seem to be for non-professional listening. But if you compare it with the ATH AD700, then the HD668B will be a little harder, and, probably, a bit less airy (after all they are half-closed) and they will have fewer details, in general, the sound is not worse, it just has a different shade. In general, all this ridiculous nitpicking, given their cost, the headphones sound softly, they sit comfortably, I hope they will work for a long time.
    For this money, it is unlikely that something like that can be bought. Made qualitatively, light, strong, hold securely, the arch springs very well. Of the possible disadvantages: can cause discomfort with prolonged use, if the size of the head does not fit (on the big head it will be possible to press, although I do not have a small one, and all the norms, the main thing is to choose the correct landing, even you do not need to adjust). The sound can be adjusted with any equalizer in accordance with your preferences.

    May 07,2018

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  • Yaroslav
    Хорошие наушники
    Неожиданно широкая сцена. Ровный и приятный звук, по субъективным ощущениям не хватает деталей в середине, но это совершенно не критично, высокие детализированы, но не идеально, думал баса будет меньше, но он есть и он приятный. Написано, что они для сведения, но я бы сказал что они больше подходят для домашнего прослушивания, комфорта в них больше чем сухой аналитичности. Звучат значительно комфортнее моих стареньких ATH ws70, а они вроде как для непрофессионального прослушивания. Но если сравнивать с ATH AD700, то HD668B окажутся чуть пожестче, ну и, наверное, чуть менее воздушными (все-таки они полузакрытые) и деталей у них будет поменьше, в целом звук не хуже, у него просто другой оттенок. Вообще все это нелепые придирки, учитывая их стоимость, наушники звучат мягко, сидят уютно, надеюсь долго проработают.
    Даже как-то нелепо говорить об этом, образцовое сочетание цены и качества.

    Feb 18,2016

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  • Germantas
    Excellent sound and great price!
    - Very light, there is little pressure on your head while wearing these headphones.
    - 56Ohm drivers provide good quality sound with little noise.
    - A very good frequency response curve, from 100Hz to 10kHz the frequency response is almost linear. Although on the treble near the 15kHz range, it can get a little bit overwhelming, depending on what sort of music you listen to.
    - Great cable length (total of 4 metres) with 1m cable + 3m cable.
    - Includes a quarter inch audio jack to 3.5mm jack adapter.
    - Provides amazing soundstage when playing video games especially FPS.
    - The two headband cushions provide great head size adjustment and comfort.
    - Stock "leather" earpads are quite uncomfortable and makes wearing them unpleasant at times. However you can find cheap velour earpad replacements for K270 headphones which have same cup size.
    - Non adjustable headband means might not fit everyone.

    Dec 18,2017

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  • Иван
    Superlux HD668B
    Качество звука, оно действительно на высоте: высоких частот немного много, но они разборчивы и не сливаются в кашу, не режут слух; низких для меня достаточно и они приятные не бубнящие (для любителей мега баса не хватит); детализация звука отличная; сцена хорошая. Это мои впечатления от звука наушников из коробки. После прогрева звучание должно ещё улучшиться.
    Доступная цена (брал за 1700 рублей), сложно поискать что-то лучше за такие же деньги
    2 отсоединяемых кабеля в комплекте (1 и 3 метра), можно заменить любыми.
    Амбушюры хорошо прилегают к голове, вполне мягкие (бывали о жестче).
    Комплектация: чехол-сумка, кабели, преходник на 6.3mm, зажим для соединения кабеля с наушниками.
    Для первого времени посадка на голове жестковата, но можно самому немного отрегулировать и со временем это должно решиться.

    Dec 24,2017

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  • Andrew
    superlux hd668b
    Хорошие удобные универсальные наушники. В комплекте 2 кабеля: 1 и 3 метра, если нужно, можно сделать 4 метра - это очень удобно,поверьте. Если вы не звукорежиссёр, то за адекватную цену вы можете почувствовать себя им. Звучание детальное, сбалансированное, слушать музыку интересно,играть и смотреть фильмы - вообще кайф. Если вы не слушали подобные наушники,но любите послушать музыку дома, посмотреть фильмы с отличным звуком или во что-нибудь поиграть, обязательно купите - не пожалеете! Любимая музыка зазвучит по-новому. даже на встроенном в материнку realtek звучит достойно, но желательно чтобы источник звука был более качественный, т.к. realtek не раскрывает потенциал наушников полностью.
    За эти деньги вряд ли что-то подобное можно купить. Сделаны качественно, лёгкие, прочные, держатся надежно, дужка пружинит очень хорошо. Из возможных минусов: могут вызывать дискомфорт при длительном использовании, если размер головы не подходит (на большой голове возможно будут давить, хотя у меня не маленькая, и все норм, главное подобрать правильную посадку, даже регулировать ничего не нужно). Звучание можно подкорректировать с помощью любого эквалайзера в соответствии со своими предпочтениями.

    Jan 01,2018

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